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Program and content of the training course

Program and content of the training course

Content of the training course

Text Formatting with AI: This point refers to the ability to convert plain texts into specific formats or layouts using AI-powered technology, facilitating and speeding up the text formatting process.

Text-to-Speech Conversion with Voice Selection: Here, written texts are converted into audible speech using text-to-speech techniques, allowing users to choose their preferred voice.

Learning Audio Editing and Processing: This point indicates learning how to professionally edit and format audio files, including cutting, modifying, and adding audio effects.

Generating Characters and Images in Seconds Using AI: Utilizing AI-based tools and algorithms to quickly create characters and images without the need for manual drawing or design. These tools can generate realistic or stylized characters and images based on specific criteria or parameters, simplifying the process of creating characters and images while providing high-quality results.

Professional Image Processing: Involves using a range of tools and techniques to enhance and edit the quality of images meticulously. This includes adjusting lighting levels, correcting colors, removing flaws, applying artistic effects, and enhancing clarity and sharpness to make details clearer.

Converting Audio and Images into Video: Here, audio and image files are merged to create integrated and engaging video clips.

Learning Video Editing: Acquiring the skills and knowledge to professionally edit and arrange video clips. This includes using dedicated video editing software to cut, merge, add visual effects and music, adjust audio, apply visual compositions, among other elements, to create high-quality videos.

Adding Subtitles to Any Video: Users can add textual subtitles to videos to facilitate understanding for audiences speaking different languages.

Learning to Use the Giant Design Software Canva: Gaining the skills and knowledge to effectively use Canva software. Canva allows users to easily create attractive and professional designs, whether presentations, posters, marketing materials, or other visual elements.

Creating a Professional YouTube Channel Step by Step: This point offers a comprehensive guide for those interested in creating a professional channel on YouTube, from basic steps to advertising and attracting an audience.

Learning E-commerce and Affiliate Marketing: Refers to acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct online business and market products or services on a commission basis.

Learning Web Design: Involves acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to design and develop websites professionally and attractively.

Creating a Professional Website for Beginners Without the Need for Programming Language: Learning how to build a professional-level website for newcomers in this field without the need for programming language knowledge.


Training on Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Training on learning techniques and strategies to improve the visibility and ranking of a website on search engine results pages, aiming to attract more organic traffic, increase online presence, and enhance conversion rates and revenues.

The training course program and conditions of participation

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Training course programme

  • Relying on free software for learning.
  • Weekly virtual meetings with students to present a point from the course.
  • Practical exercises after presenting each point of the course, with assigning tasks to each student.
  • Accompanying and supporting students throughout the course.
  • Possibility of holding private virtual meetings with students who did not understand the lesson in the weekly meeting.
  • Assistance in developing and promoting each student’s YouTube channel.
  • The duration of the training course is approximately 4 months and its start date is determined when the required number (50 students) is reached. Communication with all students takes place two weeks before the start.

Terms of participation

  • Readiness to learn and actively participate in course activities and tasks.
  • Possession of basic necessary tools such as a computer (preferably powerful and running at least Windows 10 to smoothly process videos and perform exercises), as well as internet connectivity.
  • Familiarity with the minimum usage of computers and the internet (downloading and installing software).
  • Ability to communicate effectively in at least one of the training languages (Arabic/English/ French/Swedish).

Participation price

The participation fee for this comprehensive training course is $300. However, we have reduced it by 50% to encourage students to engage and learn, making the participation fee only $150, which is a very nominal price. The participation fee is paid after the introductory meeting for all registered participants. Additionally, the supervising team members of the course are committed to refunding the participation fee to the participant in case the instructors fail to fulfill their obligations towards the students.

Certificate of participation

We are pleased to inform all participating students in the training course that they will receive a participation certificate upon completion of the course. We look forward to seeing you all at the end of the course to receive your certificates and celebrate your achievements.

Prospects of participating in our training course on mastering digital commerce and content creation

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In light of the rapid developments in the digital world, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation have become crucial skills sought after by entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the freelance market. Training courses play a vital role in acquiring and developing these skills, opening up wide-ranging opportunities for participants at all levels.

Our training course offers participants a unique opportunity to acquire essential and in-demand skills in the fields of e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation. Participants will learn how to create successful online stores, promote products and services through various marketing channels, and produce engaging content to attract their target audience, gaining sought-after and essential skills.

Enhancing Freelance Opportunities: Skills in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation are among the most sought-after skills in the freelance market. Therefore, participation in this course will help participants enhance their opportunities to secure lucrative freelance jobs and projects, either to work independently or with various companies.

Starting Successful Business Ventures: The course provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to start successful online businesses. They will learn how to identify suitable products or services for sale, build effective marketing strategies, and achieve sustainable profits.

Networking with Industry Leaders and Experts: The training course provides participants with the opportunity to network with industry leaders and experts in the fields of e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation. They will benefit from their experiences and advice, helping them advance in their careers.

Staying Updated on the Latest Developments: The world of e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation is rapidly changing. Therefore, participation in the training course will help participants stay updated on the latest developments and trends in these fields, allowing them to meet market requirements and audience needs.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Improving Personal Skills: Participation in the training course helps boost participants’ self-confidence and improve their personal skills, such as effective communication, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

In general, participation in our training course on e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and content creation offers numerous benefits to participants at various levels, whether they aim to acquire new skills, enhance freelance opportunities, start their own projects, or stay updated on the latest developments in the field.

Additionally, here are some additional points highlighting the prospects of participating in this course:

– Developing critical and analytical thinking skills
– Learning how to use various digital marketing tools and techniques
– Understanding online consumer behaviors
– Measuring and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns
– Adhering to ethical and professional freelance practices

In conclusion, participating in this training course is a smart investment that helps participants achieve their professional and personal goals and seize promising opportunities in the digital business world.

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